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                  Session Fee's and Expectations

 Massage session times range from 1 to 1-1/2 hours in length.


The first massage includes :

* Detailed assessment of your horse.
* Physical and visual assessment.

* Gate assessment at walk and trot.

* Information from you about the horses age, riding discipline, living environment, tack

   and equipment used for riding.

* Any concerns or ailments that the horse may have.


This information will allow me to gain a better understanding of you and your horse and create a treatment plan for him/her.

Single massage fee's are $60.

Booking two sessions is $55 each.

Booking four sessions  is $50 each.


* HST is included in the price.


 * The time spent in the initial assessment/first treatment is open ended, this means we will take as much time as needed to get a thorough understanding of your horse and his/her needs.


* The best time to choose for a massage is when the barn is normally at it's quietest so there are not a lot of distractions,especially when it's the horses first massage.


* If you have any concerns about your horses recent health, or if your horse is under veterinary care for a specific condition at this time, please talk with your vet prior to the first massage.

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